Application Opens for 2020-2021 Academic Year

Hakha, Chin State: Victoria Academy in Hakha, Chin State, launched application for two-year academic program for 2020-2021 academic year on "International Youth Day 2019” with the theme “Transforming Education" on 12 August 2019.

Salai Van Cung Lian, co-founder of Chinbridge Institute and Principal of Victoria Academy said “we are very much excited and thrilled to be able to launch application on this special day to showcase our commitment to transforming education and highlight our contribution, effort and vision for more relevant, equitable and inclusive education for all youth,” adding that “our heartfelt thanks go to committed academy staff for their commitment, and our friends around Myanmar and the globe for their prestigious support and inspiration”.

The Victoria Academy is the newest academy among five academy members of Myanmar Community Academy Program (MCAP) of Myint-mo Education Foundation which is funded by Child’s Dream Foundation. Another four MCAP academies are (1) Pinnya Tagar Academy in Kachin State, (2) Education Gathering Group - EGG Academy in Karen State, (3) Cherry Myay Academy in Shan State and Level Up Academy in Kayah State.

The Victoria Academy is initiated with the vision to contribute to a new generation of empowered, informed and thoughtful youth as the agents of positive change in Myanmar. It will provide two-year long academic program which gives student opportunity to explore the following subjects:

  1. Social sciences (including, but not limited to, geography, environment, gender, history, politics, sociology of religion, economics and peace)

  2. Information Technology

  3. English Language

  4. Numeracy and Learning Skills

  5. Community Development

  6. Social Entrepreneurship

Mr. Ram Hlei Thang, Co-founder and Research Director of Chinbridge Institute, Hakha, said “the establishment of Victoria Academy is vital for the Chin people because quality education that prepares students for the demand of society, an education that reflects the need of society is what makes a community progress, resilient and mutual.”

Starting from 12 August 2019, the Victoria Academy will recruit up to 32 new students annually and provide high-quality education through student-centered, participatory and task-based learning approach enabling opportunity for young people from across Chin State and Myanmar who already passed high school to equip for a better future now and in the future.


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