Our Academics

We believe that education should response to the demand of our society. In this spirit, Victoria Academy offers a wide-range of subjects in its two-year academic program. The subjects/majors to be taught in this two-year program as highlights in the following.
Social Science

The social science curriculum covers geography, political science, environmental science, sociology of religion and history, among others.

Statistic and Numeracy

Student will have a chance to explore a world of data science.

Information Technology

Student will be equipped with MS Office skills, pagemaker, photoshop, networking and coding.

Community Development

Student will explore a world of CSO, CBO and NGOs, learn project proposal, development and management styles.

Learning Skills

The learning skills module will equip student with campus and academic skills that include research skills and academic writing skills.

Social Entrepreneurship

One of the major component of our courses. The course aims to equip student with social entrepreneurship skill so as to enable them to run their own social enterprise after completing their studies.

English Language

We recognize English as a global language in the sense that it is used in various section nationally and internationally.

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